EtonHouse Vanda is an award-winning Pre-Schools for children from Pre-Nursery to K2 (18 months to six years of age). Located in the Bukit Timah area close to residential areas, the school is housed in a double-storey bungalow with a large garden for children to play and explore freely. With a January to December academic calendar, the school offers a childcare programme and is popular with working and stay-at-home parents alike. 

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Physical and Human Environment

At EtonHouse, we believe that having ample space is important for the young ones.The newly upgraded indoor and outdoor facilities ensure that the children are well supported and equipped in their learning.  The centre’s double-storey bungalow and spacious garden is perfect for the children to play and explore.

Physical environment is richly strengthened by the human environment whereby the pre-school’s child to teacher ratio is kept low to ensure that every child gets the attention needed for a more responsive learning environment. Building of confidence starts from a young age. Therefore, at Vanda, there is a strong focus on creating a happy and secure learning environment where children are not afraid to speak up and express their opinions.

Learning and Teaching Pedagogy

Educators at EtonHouse Vanda build on the children’s knowledge and interests by inspiring learning and challenging them both mentally and physically through play. We encourage the self-development of the child through seeking understanding, questioning, experiencing, reflecting, discovering, and meaning making. Observations, as our reference points of reflections and evaluations further inform  our next planning in extending (scaffolding) individuals' strengths as well as addressing the areas of improvements. We see each child as an individual and unique member of a community of learners.

In other words, our educators work with each child’s interests and personality to tailor engaging experiences that propel physical, intellectual, and social growth. We also keep individual portfolios and documentation panels and update parents consistently of their child’s progress.

A well-rounded curriculum

We offer a bilingual education where both English and Mandarin educators work together to design and facilitate the curriculum so that it becomes natural for children to think and speak in both languages. Expat families appreciate the exposure their children get to a new culture, while Singaporean families feel reassured that their children are equipped to cope with taking Mandarin as a formal subject in local primary schools. We also offer physical education, and music and movement, and diverse after school clubs like speech and drama and soccer. 

Strong focus on sustainability 

Sustainability is not just a buzzword to us — it is one of the defining pillars of the EtonHouse education. EtonHouse Vanda has formed community partnerships with organisations such as WWF Singapore and Singapore Zoo to encourage our students to engage in their environment and foster a passion for protecting it.  


EtonHouse Vanda has received multiple national awards for its outstanding standards of practice.

  • SPARK award by Singapore’s Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA) - We were awarded a mastery level (the highest level possible) for our standards in pedagogy as well as curriculum.
  • Outstanding Centre for Teaching and Learning Award by ECDA 2014 - This award recognises child care centres and kindergartens, which have excellent processes and learning environments that support high-quality activities that promote children’s holistic development.
  • NParks Community in Bloom 2018 - The Community in Bloom (CIB) Awards organised by Singapore’s National Parks Board rewards gardening efforts by community groups.
  • Healthy Pre-school Platinum Tier Accreditation 2019 - The health promoting programme launched by the Health Promotion Board.

*EtonHouse Singapore Pre-Schools offer childcare services from 7am to 7pm, and follow the academic calendar of January to December. Singaporeans are eligible for government (ECDA) subsidies.


In 2014, EtonHouse Vanda received the Outstanding Centre for Teaching and Learning Award from Singapore’s Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA). This award recognises child care centres and kindergartens which have excellent processes and learning environments that support high-quality programme activities to promote children’s holistic development. In addition, the centre was recognised and commended for progress in teaching and learning since their first SPARK accreditation in 2011. It was awarded a mastery level (the highest level possible) in its general principles for pedagogy, teaching and learning as well as curriculum.

EtonHouse Vanda is a recipient of the Healthy Pre-School Platinum Tier Accreditation 2019, a programme launched by the Health Promotion Board. This accreditation is awarded to pre-schools with comprehensive school health promotion practices for pre-schoolers, parents and staff.

The centre was also awarded the Silver band of the Community in Bloom (CIB) Awards 2018 organised by the National Parks Board in recognition of its gardening efforts.


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This page was last edited on June 18, 2020