Mountbatten 717


At EtonHouse Pre-School 717 Mountbatten, children are encouraged to think of themselves as researchers, developing their own understanding of the world. Our children work and play together, actively contribute to one another’s knowledge, and learn to listen to one another’s viewpoints and respect the ideas and feelings of the other children and adults.

EtonHouse Pre-School provides for the holistic development of the child by enhancing their thinking, communication, problem-solving, social and interpersonal skills in a carefully-designed environment. Our large outdoor gardens are powerful and magical learning spaces, specially designed as outdoor living laboratories and nature classrooms that provide a much needed context for children to learn, investigate and explore the world. The outdoor environment blends seamlessly with our cosy and charming indoor spaces housed in 2 blocks of colonial bungalows.

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Inquiry-based curriculum

The EtonHouse inquiry-based curriculum has a 25-year track record of developing well-rounded and confident individuals. This framework that is inspired by the Reggio Emilia Project emphasises relationships and inquiry. Our educators continuously observe their students and personalise learning experiences according to each child’s learning style, interests, and personality. This pedagogy is challenging and engaging for children — they don’t just acquire language and numeracy skills, they pick up other important life skills such as independent and critical thinking, effective communication, and interpersonal skills.

Bilingual classroom environment 

At EtonHouse, we aim to develop internationally-minded individuals. Our English-Mandarin dual language programme at all EtonHouse Pre-Schools empowers children to think and speak in both languages from a young age. The programme is also an eye-opening gateway to a different culture — we often organise cultural events and celebrate traditional festivals so children learn to appreciate and respect the world’s diversity.

At 717 Mountbatten, we also offer the option of our unique Chinese Immersion Programme where from Pre-Nursery to Nursery 1, the curriculum is delivered entirely in Mandarin by qualified native speakers. This is ideal for parents who want to give their children a strong foundation in the language, especially if their child is not exposed to a predominantly Mandarin-speaking environment at home.

Beautiful outdoor spaces

Our outdoor gardens have been specially designed as powerful and engaging learning spaces that allow children to investigate the world and acquire key skills. Some of the key features include a tree deck playground complete with a rope bridge and climbing net where children can develop their motor skills; a horticulture garden and Cookery Lab where children can help to grow and cook fruits, vegetables, and herbs; a large sandpit and water wall made for sensory play, and visual arts and construction studios.

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This page was last edited on June 15, 2020