Mountbatten 717


At EtonHouse Pre-School 717 Mountbatten, children are encouraged to think of themselves as researchers, developing their own understanding of the world. Our children work and play together, actively contribute to one another’s knowledge, and learn to listen to one another’s viewpoints and respect the ideas and feelings of the other children and adults.

EtonHouse Pre-School provides for the holistic development of the child by enhancing their thinking, communication, problem-solving, social and interpersonal skills in a carefully-designed environment. Our large outdoor gardens are powerful and magical learning spaces, specially designed as outdoor living laboratories and nature classrooms that provide a much needed context for children to learn, investigate and explore the world. The outdoor environment blends seamlessly with our cosy and charming indoor spaces housed in 2 blocks of colonial bungalows.

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Some key features of our outdoor spaces include:

Tree deck playground
Our tree deck playground is specially designed to provide children ample opportunities to take calculated risks and develop their gross motor skills. These are made possible with features like a rope bridge, climbing net, wooden suspension bridge, sliding pole and wooden plank climbing wall.

Biodiversity and horticulture garden
In the garden, we practise biodiversity gardening with the intention of providing food and habitat for native species such as butterflies and beneficial insects. Children are also given firsthand experience of growing fruits, vegetables and herbs in our horticulture garden, which will be used occasionally in food preparation experiences in the Cookery Lab. They will be able to learn about the life cycle of plants and the variety of smells, textures and uses of the crops.

Sensory elements
A large sand play area next to the Ficus tree provides ample room for children to explore and discover the properties of sand. There is also a water wall that allows children to discover the movement and speed of water. The water table enables children to learn about density properties of water.

Studio spaces
Nestled between our garden space and sensory space are our visual arts and construction studios. Children can engage in painting and collage-making in this wide, green space which enhances creativity. The combination of building blocks, stumps, logs, branches, tyres and natural materials promotes constructive play and encourages the development of fine and gross motor skills.

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This page was last edited on April 6, 2020