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The Foshan EtonHouse International School (FEIS) is a K-12 school running an IB (International Baccaleaurate) inspired curriculum, catered to foreign children (non mainland-Chinese) or children with at least one parent holding a foreign passport.

The campus is located in Nanhai district, Foshan city, Guangdong province. It is part of the Nanhai Business City (NBC), also known as the Huanan Singapore City. The campus spans 40,000 sqm with 25,000 sqm of built-in space. Facilities include a swimming pool, a library offering the largest number of English children’s books in Foshan, an indoor gym and basketball court, outdoor track and soccer field, specialist arts studios, 62 classrooms and dormitories that can house 120 students. The school opened in September, 2016.  

The Pre-School and Elementary curriculum is inspired by the child-focused IB approach to learning via exploration and investigation of themes. The IB approach aims to develop students through dynamic cycles of inquiry, action and reflection. As students progress to middle school and high school, they will be exposed to the academically rigorous iGCSE curriculum and graduate with the iGCSE certification.

This page was last edited on May 14, 2019