Munia Ahmed

Principal - EtonHouse Pre-School Vanda, Singapore

Master of Arts (English), Specialist Diploma (Early Childhood Education)


Ms Munia Ahmed began her professional career as a teacher heading the primary sections back in 1996. With a strong passion for working with children, she obtained the Specialist Diploma and Leadership in Early Childhood Education from EtonHouse Education Center.

Munia believes the early years of a child are the vital years of learning. She sees children as unique and competent individuals with their own strength and interests.

She believes in bringing out the best in children, and their physical, emotional, social, cultural and cognitive abilities have to be taken into consideration. She also believes that learning and teaching are most effective when children build new understandings with an active reconstruction of existing knowledge.

She sees teachers as facilitators, providing experiences and scaffolding for the children to build on and extend what they already know. She believes educators can guide children in developing skills or learning strategies that enable children to reflect, question, predict and hypothesize.

Going to a child’s level and looking at things from their point of view, listening to them, respecting them, their values and ideas is Munia’s idea of inquiry-based learning.

Munia values the relationships formed with children, parents and colleagues. She believes these relationships should be built on trust and mutual respect.

When asked for advice to parents, Munia shares passionately, "Love your child and spend quality time with them. Remember, you are your child's role model! Inspire and demonstrate how to take ownership of his/her own educational journey."

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