Parent Testimonials


Sarah Cerreta, parent of Ethan Cerreta (N2 Super Stars)

“Ms Shobah is truly the best! She deeply cares about each student in her class and makes everyone feel so valued and unique. Ms Shobah took the time to truly understand what Ethan was motivated by and found ways to weave it into the everyday environment. She carefully considers this for each child and crafts a fun and engaging curriculum around that assessment. I also really appreciate that she kept us in the loop about the goals and plans for the children and the school. I always felt comfortable talking to Ms Shobah about anything that came to mind, knowing that she would take our feedback and institute positive changes. Ethan has flourished under Ms Shobah’s care and continues to talk about her all the time. All of the teachers and staff at Eton House Vanda are so pleasant and upbeat and create an environment where children can thrive. Thank you! ”

Miguel & Andreina Perez, parents of Silvana

“…we still remember those days when we dropped our daughter to school and left her crying because she was not willing to stay. However, at the end of the day when we picked her up, Silvana was always happy and sharing all the activities she had done during the day and always speaking about her teacher. Ms Wei Sum managed to get Silvana feeling very comfortable and pleasant in class, we have seen it! Ms Wei Sum has demonstrated commitment in building strong relationships with children and the families. She has also displayed professionalism, leadership and charisma over the year.

Thanks very much Ms Wei Sum! Appreciate all your support in helping Silvana really enjoy her stay at EtonHouse.’

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This page was last edited on August 15, 2018