Integrated Inquire-Think-Learn Curriculum

EtonHouse Vanda believes the features of an effective high quality early childhood education program must include:

  • The child as central to all decision making and planning
  • The pedagogical consideration of listening to children
  • Positive, respectful, reciprocal relationships (children, parents and staff)
  • The integration of knowledge, skills, dispositions and attitudes
  • Proactive social justice strategies
  • Play as the central mode of learning and development for the youngest children
  • Intellectually, socially and emotionally satisfying experiences
  • The active participation of families
  • A responsive and well resourced physical environment

With the right focus, we have created a flexible and interactive curriculum for the children, that challenges them to become more independent in doing everyday things and always curious about their environment.

The pre-school prides itself on providing a well-rounded curriculum that allows children to be exposed to a bilingual education in English and Mandarin. Both English and Mandarin educators adopt the roles as collegial partners in  facilitating the process of children’s thinking. This bilingual approach to learning has been extremely well received by both local and expatriate families. Through a variety of teaching approaches and hands-on learning, children develop their listening, reading and writing skills in the language. Parents value this programme for its role in preparing children for formal Mandarin curriculum in local primary schools. The expatriate families appreciate the exposure that their child gets to the Chinese language, festivities, traditions and values.

Other enrichment courses provided by the school include:

• Music and Movement
• Physical Education
• Special Mandarin Reading and Writing Programme
• Speech and drama

Age GroupYear Level
18 months - 2 yearsPre-Nursery
2 - 3 yearsNursery 1
3 - 4 yearsNursery 2
4 - 5 yearsKindergarten 1
5 - 6 yearsKindergarten 2/Year 1

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