What sets us apart?


Why EtonHouse Sentosa?

Nature School

We have a unique aspect to our programme called – ‘The island is my garden’. This allows us to embrace and take advantage of our lush surroundings. Children from Pre- Nursery to Primary head out spontaneously any day for nature walks, literacy walks, sand sculpting and cooperative games on the beach etc. For our youngest learners, we have a magnificent natural world atelier that ‘brings outside inside’. In this special space, you will find natural objects that can be found on the island to evoke wonder, discovery and research. We also have a unique Nature Education Programme for children to learn about and from nature.



We are privileged to have carefully designed environments based on early years research. When you enter our building, you will see how every piece of furniture and equipment has been selected with young learners in mind. We believe that environments should be extraordinary rather than ordinary. We want children to cross the threshold of our pre-school every morning and be drawn in by wonder and engagement. We boast a wide range of facilities at Sentosa as the children use the whole school as an aquarium of learning, this includes:

* Spacious classrooms flooded with light and views of the island

* Specialist studios for explorations into light, art, storytelling, building connections to Mandarin culture

* A dining room with children’s kitchen

* Indoor playground with unique features like a tree house designed around a Kampung House (Malay traditional houses constructed by indigenous ethnic Malay) and spiral staircases reflective of olden Singapore architecture

Outside we offer a 360 outdoor environment with a front bike track, side terrace hosting our mega sandpit and rock garden and a spacious back garden with an incredible tree ecosystem, science and water walkway, planting zone and a slide/swing woven into the natural landscape.


The people within a setting make it a special place to be. We hand pick teachers who care and offer warmth, expertise and understanding to young children and their families. We plan the day so that children can come together across class groups to learn in a social context. Our ‘open door’ policy also welcomes families to actively participate in the programme through various events and personal class initiatives. The new Parent Den on campus also supports parents with connecting over coffee/tea as sense of belonging is important for you to!


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