Innovative learning environment and creative spaces

Step into EtonHouse at Robertson Walk, and you will experience an inspiring learning environment specially designed to stimulate the learning and development of children between 18 months to 6 years of age. Spanning 11,000 square feet, children enjoy a range of facilities including an indoor playground, library, and a dedicated Visual Art studio.

Beyond the campus, discovery walks along Singapore River, cycling at the courtyard, outdoor picnics and trips to the supermarket are just some of the countless ways children learn and play outside the classrooms.

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Distinguished inquiry-based curriculum

Offering our Inquire Think Learn curriculum that responds to children's interests, students here develop a sound foundation in science, maths, arts and languages through an inquiry-based approach. More importantly, children move beyond gaining academic knowledge, into the realms of skill-building and the development of reflective attitudes towards life and community. Through hands-on projects, children stretch their imagination and are constantly challenged to solve problems independently.

Immersive language programmes

Here, children are immersed in a bilingual environment with both English and Mandarin teachers with them throughout the day. The dual-language environment ensures that children pick up both languages spontaneously. The Japanese language is also available, delivered by our in-house Japanese specialist teacher.

We also offer a renowned Chinese Immersion Programme delivered entirely in Mandarin. Designed by our curriculum specialists, this programme has a successful track record of developing in children a solid foundation in the language. Not only do children grow to appreciate how useful and relevant the language can be to their daily life, but they also start to communicate fluently and understand concepts in Mandarin.

Diverse close-knit community 

In our incredibly diverse community, children learn to respect and celebrate different traditions and cultures. Our school is a happy and inviting place where parents, teachers, and children come together to connect and bond.

Come and be a part of our community of learners.

EtonHouse Robertson Walk Click here for 100% reg fee waiver

This page was last edited on April 30, 2020