Melissa Leong

Principal – EtonHouse Pre-School Robertson Walk


Melissa has been in the early childhood education sector for 10 years and has taken on different roles and capacities with various organisations during this period.

She graduated from Wheelock College with a Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education, with a focus on literacy. Melissa fervently believes that early years education needs to be genuine and fun, and that parental involvement is quintessential. She believes that educators should be seen as facilitators in the classroom where they become participants in children’s learning. In the recent years, Melissa has also co-facilitated parenting talks to educate parents on topics ranging from regulating children’s behaviour to playing with children and music for children.

Melissa enjoys music and occasionally rattles on several instruments. She dreams of writing children’s songs and stories one day! She also enjoys reading, and especially to children – so much so that she is registered with the National Library Board as a storyteller.­

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This page was last edited on November 25, 2017