Parent Testimonials


Hear from our parents on being a part of our close-knit community that puts children at the heart of all learning experiences.

Nichol, mother of Sascha, Shaia and Xander

Some skills I want my children to have are empathy and the ability to relate to all sorts of people from all walks of life. This was the reason why I started them on school since they were 4 months old, so they learn to communicate and to socialise. Robertson Walk has families with cross cultural backgrounds that greatly benefit my children because everyone gets to learn from each other. What I love the most about EtonHouse is that I can communicate freely with the school management and the teachers. This helps to build an environment where we work together to groom the child in the best way possible. The greatest strength of EtonHouse is their all rounded approach towards education and the child-driven curriculum that respects the child.

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EtonHouse Robertson Walk

Amanda Lucas, mother of Lachlan and Maddison 

I have two children attending Eton House Pre-School at Robertson Walk.  Our family has been very impressed with the personal and loving care from the teachers and administration. Each child is part of the school community. The school has also included a lot of family involvement. The curriculum is very well balanced and helps develop our children socially, emotionally and intellectually while providing a genuinely multicultural experience that the children love.

Tian Yuhui, mother of Emily Tian 


EtonHouse Pre-School at Robertson Walk is a wonderful preschool with innovative learning environment, responsible and caring staff. I love the attention, support and effort teachers put into understanding each child individually. They appreciate the child’s strengths and help them improve their weaknesses. My daughter has developed her communication skills, social skills and become more confident since she attended the school one year ago. She likes her teachers and classmates and enjoys going to school every day.

Mayumi Kodera, mother of Rinasa

シンガポールに家族で来ることになり1歳半の娘のためにいくつかのPre Schoolを見て回りました。EtonHouse Robertson Walk校は教室の広さと清潔さ、何より先生方のいきいきした雰囲気と全体の明るさがとても気に入り入学を決めました。レッジョ・エミリア教育理念に基づく創造的な教室空間やバラエティに富んだプログラムは子供にも魅力的なのか、先生や友達に早く会いたいと毎日走って教室に入っていくので、この学校を選んで本当によかったと思います。先生方は皆さん生徒の名前を覚えて家族のように接してくれます。外国人である私とも家族にとって、先生方やスタッフのみなさんのきめ細やかなフィードバックや温かい対応にはいつも助けられています。

Rachel Singh, mother of Tara

“I'm super impressed with the new school set-up. First, the new location is centralized and convenient. The space is double that of Outram, giving the students ample space to move and manoeuvre. Every aspect of the set-up is very well thought-out, like how space is strategically used for activities such as sand play and wall climbing. The classrooms are also big enough for various in-class explorations and learning. Will definitely recommend others to register at Robertson Walk!”

Rita Fillet, mother of Emilie Fillet

“The atelier of light was extremely interesting. It is the first time I came across such a classroom. It is full of stimuli and looked like a child’s dream. The fact that Japanese teachers are also present is a plus, as our daughter is a quarter Japanese. The Japanese classroom, in particular, has all the traditional tours and is a very soothing place. We appreciate the fact that the school celebrates all festivals important to the various communities in Singapore, including Japanese festivals such as Tanabata. The very welcoming and warm attitude of the staff made us feel immediately comfortable in the school. I am sure it is a wonderful place for children and parents alike!”

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