Distinguished curriculum

EtonHouse Robertson Walk offers a well-rounded inquiry programme for young children from 18 months to 6 years old, delivered through the EtonHouse Inquire, Think, Learn Curriculum. The school offers engaging learning experiences in an integrated dual language environment. Japanese as an additional language is also offered by in-house educators.

Learning experiences are purposefully designed based on teachers' observations of children’s interactions with peers, materials and adults. Children’s unique interests, strengths and understandings form the basis for planning projects that are both engaging and meaningful.

Through the school's integrated hands-on approach, children develop a sound foundation in science, maths, arts and the languages along with social competence and creative thinking skills, while having fun and being fully engaged in driving their own learning.

Graduates from EtonHouse pre-schools have excelled when they progressed to both local and international primary schools.

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This page was last edited on August 15, 2019