More than just planning activities or lessons, we draw on our philosophy, values and pedagogical theories to create a vibrant classroom culture focused on relationships and inquiry. We design the physical and socio-emotional environment with care. This ongoing process is the core of EtonHouse – 717 Mountbatten curriculum focus.

Children’s learning takes place in both daily moments as well as in our termly inquiry projects. Our belief is seen through our daily interactions with children. As children explore relationships, materials, and learning experiences in thoughtfully planned environment, teachers move through a continual observation, reflection and action cycle.

  • We observe and collect descriptive details, photographs and samples of the knowledge and skills children expressed.
  • We interact with children, show interest in what they do, help them see what others are doing and describe how this is related to their understanding of others and the world.
  • We offer additional materials, support children to acquire useful skills, and continually challenge children to go deeper with their learning.

We offer a bilingual language learning environment with the emphasis on supporting children’s holistic development, language and numeracy skills.

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This page was last edited on April 6, 2020