The successful EtonHouse Inquire, Think, Learn curriculum is an integrated inquiry programme that nurtures lifelong learners with the essential skills to thrive in the 21st century. Our integrated dual language programme gives children an outstanding bilingual foundation. Additional language options include Japanese, Hindi and Malay.

Our low teacher-student ratio ensures that each child receives a high level of individualised attention. Teachers and children plan inquiry projects together, based on the learning outcomes and goals of the MOE Kindergarten Curriculum Framework and EtonHouse Curriculum Framework.

There is an equal emphasis on holistic development and academic excellence. Children engage in a diverse range of learning experiences that include:

  •        Abacus
  •        Chinese Art
  •        Speech and Drama
  •        Dance
  •        Optional Language Programmes (i.e. Malay, Hindi, Tamil, Japanese)
  •        After School Clubs

A trusted name in pre-school education, we have over the years nurtured many young graduates who have excelled in both local and international school settings.

Come and learn about our award-winning programme.

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This page was last edited on August 13, 2019