Parent Testimonial


Roopa, mother of Aurik Joshi

When your child is excited to go to school after a holiday despite being tired, it shows how good the school is. This is how good Etonhouse – 717 Mountbatten is.

We moved 1.5 years back to Singapore and we are glad we chose 717 Mountbatten Etonhouse for our son. We chose 717 Mountbatten Etonhouse primarily due to its curriculum, campus and the warm faculty. The curriculum-based on Reggio Emilio, made learning fun, helped in building strong concepts while letting him explore his creativity. What sets this school apart is its focus on life skills such as dressing up, cleanliness, eating habits etc.. , which slowly but steadily made him strong, caring and independent. The huge outdoor play area with different activity centres such as the sand pit, cycling track, treehouse, water play etc allowed my son to explore his imagination. Indoor activities were regularly upgraded to keep them in sync with the growing needs of the kids.

The care provided by the teachers from day one made the transition to a new country smoother and faster. They ensured that he was not overwhelmed by the changes in the setup and gradually integrated him. The teachers updated us on every minute detail of the child on a regular basis and this ensured a two-way communication. The warm welcoming principal, helpful teachers and nurturing environment ensured that my son loved going to the school without a complaint. It was a home away from home for him.

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Radhika, mother of Anvi Putrevu

As we take a moment to recollect the joyful journey of our little girl, EtonHouse 717 inevitably comes to the forefront bringing with it so many fulfilling experiences. The care and attention given to our daughter throughout her stay has exceeded our expectations on several levels. We were impressed by the attention the teachers paid to developing her appetite and shaping eating habits. We are also thankful to the teachers for going the extra mile and highlighting her interest in learning languages to us then encouraging her to build this skill. Today, it gives us great joy when she speaks readily in multiple tongues and inquires about new languages that she encounters. The emphasis laid down by the school on compassion and kindness is also worth a special mention. The message of kindness in woven subtly throughout the school experience and the teachers have managed to present us with a child who is aware of and kind to the environment and animals around us. We think that's fascinating when she's at such a young age. All in all, the memories and experiences that our family garnered in 717 will stay with us for a long time to come and will be cherished close to our hearts.

Sarah Huda Parent of Arisha

The photograph above is a contrast between a very pensive Arisha on the left on day 1 in July 2016 and a very happy Arisha on the right with Wang Mei Laoshi on her last day at 717 EtonHouse. Pictures speak a 1000 words.

It has been such a wonderful journey. Arisha transformed from a strange anxious toddler to a very talkative preschooler. She learned about care from her teachers and loved to give back. At what point she learned about contingents or jumbled alphabets I do not know but academics apart she has gained valuable life skills.

Huge applause and gratitude to the excellent teachers n Laoshi at EtonHouse Mountbatten 717. Miss Siuwen (her first class teacher n later principal), Miss Yujie, Miss Doreen, Wang Mei Laoshi, Miss Siti and Miss Jenna.

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