Charlotte Choy

Principal - EtonHouse Zhong Hua Pre-School, Singapore

Charlotte had her humble beginnings at the EtonHouse Education Centre (EEC) as a student pursuing her Diploma in Teaching. She was concurrently offered the opportunity to begin her apprenticeship at EtonHouse at 764 Mountbatten Road. Charlotte’s early exposure to the Reggio Approach at EEC and 764 provided a strong start for her professional progression in EtonHouse which saw her rise from a teaching to a leadership position.

Charlotte began her leadership role at EtonHouse at 717 Mountbatten Road where she worked closely with the teaching team to create a vibrant outdoor classroom for very young children. She believes in the benefits of the outdoor in supporting children’s learning and holistic development. Charlotte believes that children as agents of change should be offered time and space in an open ended environment with sensorial and innovative resources to develop their creativity and imagination.

Charlotte believes in life-long learning. She continued her professional development journey; pursuing and achieving a Masters in Education, specialising in Early Childhood Education with Monash University. Her success at 717 led her to her next tenure, where she was seconded to Hampton Pre-School (Bishan).

Hampton Pre-School is a collaboration between PAP Community Foundation and EtonHouse International Education Group. Charlotte was tasked to manage and to implement the inquiry approach at the centre. She believes that the teaching team plays an important part in the children’s learning as collaborative partners. Charlotte mentored and developed a cohesive team of teachers who are dedicated in nurturing the children’s natural disposition for learning and to engage parents as active participants in the process.

After a successful tenure at Hampton Pre-School (Bishan), Charlotte is excited at the prospects of working on a special Mandarin Immersion Curriculum at EtonHouse Kindergarten with her teaching team. Children will be exposed to a rich Mandarin cultural experience under the tutelage of a team of Mandarin teachers through the Inquire.Think.Learn framework.

She believes that facilitating successful encounters through stimulating experiences nurtures an intrinsic motivation in the children to learn by formulating and testing new theories through play. While the teachers participate in the children’s play as collaborative partners, children have the freedom to develop their own authentic experiences. Charlotte looks forward to this next phase in her professional journey in EtonHouse, witnessing the children’s progress as they develop into emotionally secure and resilient individuals who will be able to handle the challenges that are presented to them constantly in the competitive society today.

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This page was last edited on June 1, 2018