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Situated in the lush surroundings of Upper Bukit Timah, in a 5 storey standalone building, this campus offers a strong bilingual curriculum in an outstanding learning environment. The academic calendar is from Jan to Dec and the campus offers child care services.

Renowned curriculum

The well-established and successful EtonHouse Inquire.Think.Learn curriculum has been highly valued by parents over the years, nurturing creative, confident, curious and socially conscious graduates with a genuine lifelong love for learning. Our educators observe, listen and collaborate with each child’s learning goals to plan intellectually, socially, and emotionally stimulating experiences. This approach makes learning fun and engaging so children pick up numeracy concepts and literacy quickly. More importantly, it encourages self-development and hones life skills that are important even in adulthood, such as critical thinking, problem-solving, and effective communication. 

Strong bilingual programme

We offer an immersive environment for English and Mandarin where children are exposed to both languages from a young age. Hence, it becomes spontaneous for them to think and speak in either. Our Mandarin language programme also emphasises cultural immersion to foster a long-lasting love for the language — it is common for us to celebrate traditional festivals and expose children to cultural performances and arts. This approach has proven to be effective — we have a strong track record of students doing well in both local and international primary schools.

Outstanding facilities and creative learning spaces

The spacious indoor playground, rooftop garden, recycling centre and visual arts studio provide a diverse range of experiences and endless possibilities for children to be inspired. Specialist teachers in PE, arts and music add depth and diversity to your child’s pre-school years.

Professional and passionate educators

Our educators hold the minimum of a Diploma in Pre-School Education – Teaching. Beyond that, EtonHouse is one of the few education groups in Singapore with a dedicated research and development centre with pedagogists who continuously provide professional training to our teachers.

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