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The Veeraraghavan family- parents of Arnav, K2, and Diya, N1

When we started to look for a kindergarten for our first born, we visited many schools as part of the process. The moment we stepped into 215 EtonHouse, it struck the right chord – it was the right balance of a nice space, an interesting teaching method and really passionate and sincere warm people. We knew this place would be perfect for our son, Arnav.

It’s been three years since Arnav joined the school and it’s been a beautiful journey watching him become more independent and responsible, yet have such innocence and a strong sense of belonging when he is with his buddies. Two years later when it was time for our daughter, Diya to go to school, we decided at the bat of an eyelid to have her join 215 EtonHouse as well. It was a special moment for my son too as he showed his younger sister around the school and introduced her to all his friends which made her first day out to be quite a breeze!

Every day when I pick them up from school, I ask my kids to tell me about the most fun thing they did in school that day. Among the many things they love to talk about like the new mandarin song, they learnt that day or the importance of saving our planet, their PE and free play time up in level 5 tops their chart. Moreover, I don’t hesitate to tell them that Level 5 is indeed one of my favourite spaces at 215 EtonHouse as well.

Personally too, I have several memorable moments to cherish – be it my interactions with the children and other parents through different activities organised by the school or the one time I got together with my son’s nursery teachers (Ms.Nurul & Huang Laoshi) to make their class yearbook. All these were great opportunities to bond with my children’s teachers and friends.

It is reassuring to see our children continue to receive the same warmth that we felt on our very first visit. If I had to mention the names of all those at school who have and continue to enrich our children’s lives, that would be a very long list. You know who you are, and we want to say a big thank you!

Serena, parent of Lionel, N1, and Justin, Pre-Nursery

My husband and I chose EtonHouse because the compound is spacious and bright school, perfect for the children to run around and the provocations set up for children to explore and play. We are most appreciative of the efforts that the teachers have spent on both our boys and the regular updates of their milestones. Lionel has grown so much in the 18 months since he started school. It is hard to believe the toddler who couldn’t say a single word when he first started school is such a chatterbox now! We are always happy to see Lionel and Justin excited for school, and I think credits are due to the teachers for piquing their curiosity to encourage learning. For our family, it gives us an ease of mind to know that our boys are in good hands, with teachers they love and have fun with, while still learning something new every day.

Fay, parent of Leonidas 

We would like to thank 215 Upper Bukit Timah EtonHouse school for the fantastic care provided to our son. The teaching and assisting staff were fantastic during his settling period and made the whole process so much more smooth for him. We have undoubtedly seen a difference in his physical and academic development during his stay in the school. The great brand new facilities together with the very efficient admin staff complete the picture of a great school which is supportive and nurturing for little ones. Thank you for all your effort and assistance. Sad to leave but it is part of growing up. Once again thank you very much for everything you have done for our son.

Yei-Jin, parent of Brandon, K1, and Charlotte, Pre-Nursery

EtonHouse 215 Upper Bukit Timah - Yei Jin

We enrolled our child with EtonHouse because of the environment and the positive vibes the teachers exude. We believe that with all these factors, our kids will enjoy and up grow well at EtonHouse. Importantly, EtonHouse prepares our children for the future as we strongly believe that life skills are important and in this area, we have seen our children grow in confidence. They are also more independent now, especially for Charlotte who has just started her EtonHouse journey in January.

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