Housed in a dedicated 5-storey building spread across 29,000 sq. ft, the new campus offers the renowned EtonHouse inquiry-based programme in an inspiring bilingual learning environment from Pre-Nursery to Kindergarten 2. At EtonHouse, great emphasis is placed on the planning and development of respectful, engaging, meaningful and innovative learning environments that reinforce our inquiry-based philosophy of teaching and learning. Through research and careful planning, the EtonHouse pedagogists have designed an environment that offers a beautiful blend of indoors and outdoors within the large open spaces of the property. The campus has innovative features like a rooftop garden, recycling centre and dedicated studios for performing arts, visual arts, light, cooking and construction. These features ensure that our community of learners are given multiple opportunities to engage with a wide range of materials and build meaningful relationships with each other.

We see children as active, hands-on learners who benefit from an attractive, orderly and safe environment. Learning areas are created in individual classrooms with an array of materials that are culturally and developmentally appropriate for children to select and use in open-ended ways. Our aim is to provide learning environments where children are supported to pursue a wide range of interests (an integrated learning environment) and are facilitated to do so by adults who guide, coach and support the individual’s learning. In relation to literacy our aim is to create a print rich environment, where children are supported to write for a purpose e.g. to write a letter; to send a birthday card. The inclusion of literacy resources in learning experiences – such as communication/mailboxes for each child, a wide variety of writing tools e.g. pens, markers, pencils, postcards and envelopes – provide opportunities for children to make connections between their daily life experiences and social practices. Thoughtful placement of these resources results in increased frequency, duration and complexity of literacy play.

We aim to keep to a neutral tone in our classrooms, so as to help create a cosy homelike setting for the child. The reduction of visual stimuli (such as brightly coloured furniture) helps children to focus on other thoughtfully placed materials/objects meant to provoke wonder, curiosity and intellectual engagement. In our classrooms, we prefer to have children and their work provide most of the colours. The indoor and outdoor play environment on level 5 has equipment and areas for children to independently and cooperatively explore. Water play is provided on a daily basis throughout the week.

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This page was last edited on April 7, 2020