Parent Testimonials


We would like to share some feedback from our parents across the schools:

Leonidas, 215 Upper Bukit Timah campus

Leonidas, 215 Upper Bukit Timah campus

'We would like to thank 215 Upper Bukit Timah EtonHouse school for the fantastic care provided to our son. The teaching and assisting staff were fantastic during his settling period and made the whole process so much more smooth for him. We have undoubtedly seen a difference in his physical and academic development during his stay in the school. The great brand new facilities together with the very efficient admin staff complete the picture of a great school which is supportive and nurturing for little ones. Thank you for all your effort and assistance. Sad to leave but it is part of growing up. Once again thank you very much for everything you have done for our son.’

Leona, parent of two children, 718 Mountbatten campus

Leona, parent of two children, 718 Mountbatten campus

‘There were two main reasons why I chose this school – the environment and the curriculum. Throughout the years that I have been at the school, I have also come to love and appreciate other aspects such as the wonderful teachers and staff, the high level of interaction between the parents and the teachers, and the strong social aspect of the parent community.

The school environment is so beautiful and inviting. As a school influenced by the Reggio Emilia approach, it uses the environment as the ‘third teacher’ so careful attention is paid to the look and feel of the classrooms, the ateliers, and the outdoor spaces, with great consideration and priority being given to natural materials.

The classrooms are bright and spacious, with lots of natural light. The school has two large sandpits, a vegetable garden, sensory gardens, a water course, a tricycle track, climbing structures, in addition to sufficient open green space.

Along the walkways, there is always something inviting exploration – an easel with paint, a basket of books, a chalkboard, some balls of yarn for winding around a chair or a column, some flowers frozen in blocks of ice, an overhead projector showing a video on the wall, a tub of sand with brushes inside, a water wall, etc. Often you will find the parents playing with these provocations too!

The school is a candidate for the IB World School (Primary Years Programme) and this was an important factor to me. I wanted a curriculum that was child-led and play-based, which is what the school is about. Within the framework of different units of inquiry, the students take charge of their own learning – what they learn is driven by their own theories and research, working collaboratively with each other, discovering and exploring together. I am continually amazed by how motivated the children are when they are in control of their own learning, and I am always impressed with their ideas and creativity.’

‘The new Thomson Lane campus is beautiful, set in an utmost natural, green and peaceful location, away from the day to day bustle. The huge indoor and outdoor space is incredible, filled with numerous activity stations which our son loves to freely move around in and explore endlessly with his imagination yet feel so safe. We love the values of the school, diversity within the community and the amazing staff (who all moved with us from the Orchard Boulevard Campus) providing such a warm, nurturing environment for our son in Nursery 2. Each morning we are greeted with the smiling faces of the staff alongside the Principal, Vice Principal and Admissions Director who know us and all the other children by name. They are all there again to see us off at the end of the school day. It’s these personal touches which give us comfort and peace of leaving our son in a safe educational environment. We love the school, the new campus and couldn’t be happier to be a part of the EtonHouse Family!’

‘Coming from the Orchard location previously, we chose the new EtonHouse Thomson Campus for our Twins who are currently in one of the Nursery 2 classes. The new Flagship school is truly amazing! In addition to being housed in the most beautiful, lush setting, Thomson offers so much space for the children to explore indoors and out; yet, it still manages to provide such an intimate and inviting environment for them. It was a huge advantage, for us, knowing that most of the staff would be transitioning over to EtonHouse Thomson. The children all seemed to settle so quickly into their new surroundings within a matter of days, and there is a sense of calm the minute we walk through the door each morning. The personal attention the EtonHouse Team provides really sets them apart, and it is so refreshing to see that all staff members know our children by name and genuinely take a special interest in their learning experience. Our Family couldn’t be more pleased with our decision to attend EtonHouse Thomson, it feels like a second home to us, and we are so proud to be part of their community!’

I have two children attending Eton House Pre-School at Robertson Walk.  Our family has been very impressed with the personal and loving care from the teachers and administration. Each child is part of the school community. The school has also included a lot of family involvement. The curriculum is very well balanced and helps develop our children socially, emotionally and intellectually while providing a genuinely multicultural experience that the children love.


EtonHouse Pre-School at Robertson Walk is a wonderful preschool with innovative learning environment, responsible and caring staff. I love the attention, support and effort teachers put into understanding each child individually. They appreciate the child’s strengths and help them improve their weaknesses. My daughter has developed her communication skills, social skills and become more confident since she attended the school one year ago. She likes her teachers and classmates and enjoys going to school every day.

Mona and Martin Steurenthaler, parents of Clara, Sentosa campus

Mona and Martin Steurenthaler, parents of Clara, Sentosa campus

"Clara attends EtonHouse Sentosa and was one of the founding students who started in August 2015. We attended Open House Day before the school opened, and spent hours in the facilities as our daughter didn't want to leave. Since the school opened, all our expectations have been fulfilled. In addition to the amazing building and facilities, the outstanding points are the Reggio Emilia inquiry-based learning approach that I'm truly convinced of. My daughter can express her creativity and is encouraged to explore things she's interested in. She is more confident and engaged since she's been in this environment. Besides the curriculum, we like the community feeling within the class, the involvement of the parents, and the open communication with the teachers and school staff. There's a great team spirit and we enjoy being part of it. We're also very proud to see Clara managing three different languages. She normally communicates in English and German, but is now starting to sing, count and speak basic words in Mandarin too. The most important thing for us is to see our daughter happily running towards the bus every morning and how she excitedly shares in the afternoon what happened at school. We had heard a lot of good things about EtonHouse and were very happy when a new campus opened on Sentosa close to our home. The environment is truly inspiring, and it's the best place for our daughter in terms of learning approach, facilities and teacher commitment. We love to recommend EtonHouse to other families as it's simply an amazing school; it has been truly enriching for all of us."

Elizabeth Aherne, mother of Mary, Beatrice, Florence and Frederick, EtonHouse International School Broadrick

Elizabeth Aherne, mother of Mary, Beatrice, Florence and Frederick, EtonHouse International School Broadrick

'Attending EtonHouse International School Broadrick has given all the children so much.  Although the IB programme is different to the English school curriculum, we love the way that our children are now able to take responsibility for their learning and have developed the confidence to present it to their peers.

To ease the transition of moving abroad two years ago, we really wanted all the children to be together in one school. Making the choice from England was very daunting, as we were reliant on websites and phone calls. EtonHouse was able to accommodate us, and the admission staff made the transition very smooth.

The school is friendly and has a warm, family feel. The children are strongly encouraged to be caring and considerate towards one another, and we often see the older children helping the little ones. Because my children are spread throughout the school, they know every teacher and almost every child. They feel secure and totally at home. We feel that the children get a lot of individual attention from their class teachers, who get to know them really well.

Our children all have very different interests. Mary has discovered a real love of Mandarin and has picked up the language from scratch. She was thrilled to be part of the team that won the International Schools Chinese Competition. Beatrice loves PE and drama and really enjoyed performing in the school play, The Wizard of Oz. She trains every week after school in the running club. Florence is very musical and a keen member of the choir, while Frederick is sporty and desperate to make it onto the school’s championship-winning football team.

There is so much going on, and our children come home full of stories about what they are doing, whether it’s preparing for a class assembly, special themed weeks like Book or Science Week, or inter-house competitions.'

Mary and James Whittred, parents of Genevieve and Xavier, EtonHouse International School Broadrick

Mary and James Whittred, parents of Genevieve and Xavier, EtonHouse International School Broadrick

'James and I were looking for a school that was close to our home, would cater for all of our children and would provide a supportive environment that embraced diversity. We were very fortunate to have friends with children already at EtonHouse; we attended some school events prior to enrolling our own children, thus getting a feel for what was to come.

The task of finding a school for our children, Genevieve (8) and Xavier (5), was made more difficult by Xavier’s diagnosis of autism, but we were delighted when the children were both accepted by EtonHouse.

Genevieve is currently in the Year 3 bilingual class. She loves learning and especially enjoys her time with the specialist teachers at school. She has been given many opportunities to explore outside of the set curriculum, supported by her class teachers. Xavier has been attending ‘big school’ for nearly six months and is showing progress in many areas. Our youngest, Alexander (2) is yet to venture into schooling.

We have been very happy with the levels of support that have been offered by the dedicated staff and love the close community feel that pervades the school’s many celebrations of learning and living.'

Mrs. Anu Gupta, parent of Ira and Zoya, EtonHouse Pre-School Mountbatten 223

Mrs. Anu Gupta, parent of Ira and Zoya, EtonHouse Pre-School Mountbatten 223

'As I spent an unusual Monday morning watching my 4-year old perform on stage for the National Day/ Hari Raya Celebrations at EtonHouse, I felt goose bumps all over me. The songs, the performances bring back a bag of memories and got me thinking of my journey I embarked with this school years back.

I walked into this school for the first time in 2007 when we moved to Singapore from Dubai. I had done no research on pre-schools, had asked no one around for feedback. I did a random ‘google’ search on neighbourhood pre-schools and I had a flurry of EtonHouse schools that came up on my screen. Coincidentally, this was the 2nd school I visited. Then located at 764 Mountbatten Road, the school was prominent as you drove on that road.

I wasn’t a very experienced mother, though I’d like to give more credit to myself now. I had a 2-1/2-year-old who had just recovered from some serious medical issues. My questions to the school only pertained to care, hygiene, how flexible the school was with home-food, how they would react in a medical emergency. I don’t recollect asking any questions on the curriculum, student-teacher ratio, mix of nationalities, languages offered (which are the typical questions you ask when you seek out a school).  The patience and detail with which each question was answered touched me and I just had to go ahead with my gut.

Thus began our journey with this school (both for us and our girl).  If we had fun at all the field trips, we had prompt calls from the school if her lunch (delivered from home) didn’t get there on time. We also had extra care given by the teachers/staff to ensure she was always away from foods that caused her any allergy. The care and attention never lagged. If she had issues of bullying, the staff ensured it was sorted even before I heard it.

Not to mention Josephyne Ho, Principal- EtonHouse Pre-School (223 Mountbatten Road) would be a complete miss. Popularly known as ‘Jo’ to all of us (parents) and ‘Miss Jo’ to the kids, she is the pillar that stands strong holding that school together.  Her eye for detail, precision to perfection, her habit to address each one of us (kids and parents) every morning (by our first name) and that wide smile, makes this school an extension of your home. Her personal involvement in my daughter’s case and ensuring a total hands-on approach makes her special. No issue is ‘small’ for Jo. She listens to every kid/parent. Be it a kid sulking to come to school, a kid not keen to wear his uniform, a kid not proactive with eating. You can often see her sitting and chatting with the kids giving them all her attention. Like she often says, “I pick my battles with the kids. I only strive for them to come happy to school every morning.

My daughter was around when this school moved to its current location. Lots of discussions happened- to stay on at the old campus, how good will the new campus be. But I had blind faith on the management. The new campus only turned out to be even better. I still joke when people ask me which pre-school does your girl go to, “its location is like the best kept secret.” Of course once someone makes it there, it’s very rare they will return disappointed.

Each day passed and soon she turned 6 years old and was ready to leave the school. Sadly this school ends at K2. The love and care it gave her changed her personality. From a meek, quiet girl (always petrified of even getting a cold or even being pushed in a line), she shaped up to be a confident, vocal speaker and in every earnest way ready to take on any challenge (be it a bully on the bus, or someone ridiculing her allergies). The staff at the school at every stage made her feel ‘equal’,  gave her the strength to say ‘no’ and to make the most of every opportunity that came across her way.

For me as a mother, what she studied there never mattered. The hands-on approach, the over-attentive staff, the flexibility to understand a parents’ mind is all that mattered. For my girl, the school still has a ‘soft spot’ in her heart. She is happy to head back anytime for any event and be associated in any small or big way. Of course seeing herself splashed all over town in the EtonHouse ad campaigns has left a lifetime of memories for her.

I am on a re-run with the school now with my second girl. Thankfully this time we don’t have major issues but the usual that any toddler may face in a school.  Even then these problems were taken equally seriously. They made sure she was heard and her issues were sorted. I am confident at the end of her stint, even she will walk out a confident 6-year old with some great memories of her pre-school.

But of course, my younger one presumes that the posters on display around town and at the school lobby (featuring her sister) are something that she will also get as her parting gift from Etonhouse.  As for me, I was recently reminded that I have joined the ‘privileged’ list of long-standing Etonhouse parents (with an association of more than 7 years now).  This association has been special and will always have a lasting memory in our hearts.'

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