EtonHouse International School, Orchard celebrates its first Cambridge IGCSE Grade – an A*!

18 Feb 2019


Join us to congratulate our Year 9 student, Francesca Jiggins Duque for scoring an A* in her Spanish exam for her Cambridge IGCSE, ranking the top 3% globally. Francesca is the first student to have taken the Cambridge IGCSE exams in EtonHouse International School, Orchard. Despite the school being launched officially in August 2018, Francesca took her exams last November.

At EtonHouse International School, Orchard, learning is personalised where students get to take the Cambridge IGCSE subjects when they are ready, either in Year 9, 10 or 11, as opposed to taking all their subjects at the end of Year 11. We believe this flexible approach to the Cambridge IGCSE exams allows students to thrive and better prepare for their exams.

Ms Alejandra Salas, Spanish Teacher at EtonHouse International School, Orchard said: “I have always believed that Francesca was capable of achieving stellar results! However, I am very proud of her magnificent performance, given the fact that we had a short runway to work towards the Cambridge IGCSE exams! A great achievement indeed!”

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