New playgroup programme at EtonHouse Claymore and Sentosa


EtonHouse is delighted to launch our playgroup programme 'Stay & Play' at EtonHouse Claymore and Sentosa. Specially developed for children aged 12-22 months, the adult-accompanied playgroup offers a range of learning experiences within our beautiful and safe learning environment. It also offers parents and children a unique opportunity to experience learning together and connect with the teachers, children and the school before starting the unaccompanied pre-nursery programme.

Highlights of the programme:

Social – Engaging with others is an integral and vital part of child development. In the company of peers and adults, there will be plenty of opportunities for children to observe and develop social skills and begin to make early connections with people.

Physical – An important developmental domain in infants, physical experiences will help them to master independent movement, object handling and hand to eye coordination, amongst other fine and gross motor skills.

Sensorial – Infants learn through their senses. A variety of sensorial experiences which include textures, sound, smell and visual stimuli are critical for brain development and the development of skills in young children.

Musical – Infants and toddlers are born musical. Music enriches a child’s cognition, attention span and language development amongst other skills. A music-rich environment with innovative musical instruments will enhance children’s musical exposure and will offer many fun and engaging learning opportunities.

Through these collaborative learning experiences, children strengthen their relationships with the primary caregivers and will develop a bond that will enhance their learning as they progress to the next stage of development. Parents and caregivers will develop many skills and strategies to engage effectively with young children and enhance their understanding of key developmental milestones and how best to support them.

Stay & Play is available at EtonHouse Claymore and EtonHouse Sentosa.

This page was last edited on June 24, 2019