Launch of ‘Just Imagine’ Book Series: Celebrating the imagination and wonder of our young learners


‘Just Imagine’ is a Pictorial Journal that celebrates the imagination, creativity and wonder of our Early Years Learners. As stories are expressed through the 100 Languages (music, dance, drama, stories, paintings, sculptures, drawings, photos etc.), we are reminded of how imagination captures the magic of learning and supports children in the development of their creative writing, reading and storytelling skills.

The ability to communicate and express oneself is a crucial element of being a 21st Century Learner and we are delighted to share this Pictorial Journal with you which beautifully documents the EtonHouse Claymore Community’s investigation into the world of Fairies!

 EtonHouse ClaymoreEtonHouse Claymore - Just Imagine Launch - Just Imagine

EtonHouse Claymore - Just Imagine Launch

‘Just Imagine’ was launched on 26 May, at EtonHouse International Pre-School Claymore. It was a beautiful morning as the community came together to celebrate the children’s voices and creativity. The children were amazed to see their words come to life through a dramatic reenactment by Evolve Arts and graceful fairy dances by Wings to Wings Dance Development Centre.

We invite you to wander through the pages of this pictorial journal with your child and explore the possibilities of creating your own stories and igniting a joy for storytelling. Let your child’s imagination come to life through characters, dialogue, plots and adventures; sharing in our ‘Just Imagine’ campaign as champions for literacy learning!.

All proceeds from the sale of this book will go towards EtonHouse Gives Back. This is an initiative under the EtonHouse Community Fund, an independent charity regulated by the Office of the Commissioner of Charities. Enjoy sharing the magic of this book with your loved ones.

Order the ‘Just Imagine’ book here.

This page was last edited on June 8, 2017