EtonHouse launches Middleton International School


EtonHouse launches Middleton International School

In January 2017, EtonHouse International Education Group launched the brand new Middleton International School. The school offers an international programme with fees capped at $18000 a year or $1500 a month. The average monthly fees in international schools in Singapore is $2400.

Middleton International School offers an international curriculum with references to the UK Key Stages 1 and 2 and the Singapore MOE standards for Maths and Chinese under the IPC (International Primary Curriculum) framework. The programme is academically rigorous with a strong second language foundation in Chinese. The school will also provide an integrated and holistic programme and co-curricular learning to cater to a wide range of interests and talents. These programmes will be offered outside the school hours either within or outside the campus. Middleton also intends to offer more language options in response to the needs of the community.

The school offers primary school classes (7-11 years). Families can then transition to the EtonHouse Secondary School offering the IGCSE qualification. With a class size of 28 children and highly qualified and experienced primary school teachers, each classroom will be equipped with innovative resources for teaching and learning.

Says Mr Ng Yi Xian, Executive Director of EtonHouse, “The expatriate families in Singapore are faced with very high fees at international schools. Monthly school fees can cost parents upwards of $2500 and secondary fees are even higher. Families with two or more children find it extremely hard to afford these fees. More foreign families are now being employed on local terms and this makes the situation worse.

Therefore, we feel the need to offer an affordable international school programme that responds to these families and is founded on academic rigour and a strong bilingual foundation.  With our experience in running international K-12 schools for more than 2 decades in many different countries, I am quite confident that this school will provide an outstanding programme. We will not compromise on the quality standards of the school, but instead bring down the operating costs by running on a relatively lower rent, using external spaces for sports and other co-curricular activities and through economies of scale accrued as a result of running many more schools in Singapore.

EtonHouse believes in the triple bottom line. Our schools improve the standard of education, serve society and provide an economic surplus. We believe that as a Singapore company, it is our responsibility to set up an affordable school to serve the international community.”

Middleton International School started its first school term on 20 January 2017.

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