Bipasha Minocha

Group Brand and Marketing Director


BA (Hons) Econ, PGDip (Finance and Marketing), Dip. Pre-School Teaching

Bipasha joined the EtonHouse Group in 2007 and has been overseeing the brand portfolio for the EtonHouse schools since then.

A brand and communications professional for the past 15 years, Bipasha also holds a teaching qualification in early childhood from Singapore. Her background and knowledge in brand management and education provides a sensitive blend of insights and understanding of her role where she is involved in campaign development, PR and communication, influencer marketing, social and digital marketing, training and strategy formulation for the EtonHouse Group. She was based in Hong Kong for 4 years where she helped established EtonHouse Hong Kong.

Bipasha strongly believes in the significance of a high-quality foundation in education that is responsive and respectful of young children. She works in close collaboration with her colleagues to enhance and strengthen the quality of the interaction, communication and outreach programmes between the schools, the parents and the wider community.

This page was last edited on January 18, 2018