EtonHouse Support


At EtonHouse, we believe that training and support are instrumental in maintaining a high level of consistency in the quality of education across all our schools worldwide. Hence, we will assist you in opening your school.

1. Site Selection, layout and design

2. Setting up of school

3. Training in school operations

4. Branding and marketing

5. Human Resource Support (Recruitment and hiring)

6. Admin and Finance Support

7. IT Support (EtonHouse Management System, Email, Web and Domain hosting)

Congratulations! Now that you have start up your school, you can expect  continued support in the following areas:

1. Regular on site visits and consultation sessions

2. Ongoing professional training for teaching and non-teaching staff

3. Research and Development on best pedagogical practice

4. Human Resource (Support recruitment and hiring)

5. Branding and Marketing Support

This page was last edited on November 14, 2018