Group Chairman


Group Chairman

At EtonHouse, we believe that education is the cornerstone of a successful and fulfilling life. 

Quality education not only benefits children and their families,  it also has a far-reaching  positive impact on the community and society. Our ability to understand and respond to different cultural environments and parental expectations allows us to set up new campuses in different countries and scale successfully in different parts of the world.

Our expertise in providing quality early childhood education and business experience over the years have empowered us with the resources, network and capabilities to expand effectively while maintaining consistency and quality. We aim to bring our high quality education and learning environments to more children around the world, establishing unparalleled standards of excellence in different communities.

EtonHouse offers numerous opportunities for franchising internationally. If you share the same belief and passion in education and children, and would like to find out about the various opportunities for you to set up an EtonHouse franchise beyond Singapore, email or fill up the enquiry form here.

I hope you will experience how owning an education franchise with EtonHouse and operating your own EtonHouse School can be a successful and fulfilling venture.”

This page was last edited on October 29, 2018