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Message from our Executive Director

Albert Einstein once famously said ”Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school”. This quote is often used to ridicule education in general, but I believe it is a reflection of how antiquated traditional rote-based education truly is.

The power of education isn’t acing a test; it’s the application of what has been learnt. In the fast-moving knowledge-based economy we live in today, this is more true than ever. Innovations are driven by the application of knowledge, not the demonstration of competence in an exam.

That is why at EtonHouse, we firmly believe in the inquiry-based approach. Not just because it is research-based best practice, but because as educators, we know that it is the right and most meaningful way to engage children.

In the spirit of being life-long learners, I recently led a group of principals to visit innovative K-12 schools in the United States. I walked away equally inspired by what I saw and proud of what we have accomplished thus far. Few schools around the world have successfully married a bilingual programme together with an inquiry-based approach, not to speak of learning environments and spaces that truly respond to students’ interests.

When I look at the breadth and depth of programmes delivered by schools in the EtonHouse family, I am always inspired. This year we continue expanding our year levels. Our Primary and Secondary cohorts are growing, and we are now offering a pathway to High School in our new Orchard campus. This is fuelled by actively listening to parents in our community. We listened to your views, your dreams and hopes to continue being a part of the EtonHouse family. We are grateful for your ongoing dialogue, openness and trust.

Having the opportunity to be involved in your child’s education and in shaping their future is fulfilling and rewarding in more ways than I can express. I thank you for being a supportive partner in your child’s education, for being a part of our journey and for believing in us all through these years.

Mr Ng Yixian
Executive Director
EtonHouse International Education Group

This page was last edited on May 15, 2018