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In the high school years, student agency drives the programme. Students are protagonists of change and in order to change the world, they should be equipped with thinking that drives growth and innovation. Building on the rigorous foundation of the Cambridge IGCSE, the students in high school prepare not just for University but to take on the world. In years 12 and 13, 16 to 18-year-olds prepare for the IB Diploma, an internationally recognised and academically challenging qualification that is recognised in Universities all over the world.

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Student Agency

The school promotes student agency by giving students a voice, and encourages them to initiate their own learning. Students have the space to inquire, think and learn, whilst under the guidance of a teacher, who plays a facilitating/coaching role. Through this process, it results in highly engaged students, who are motivated to push learning boundaries.

SMART projects

Inspired by Google 20 Percent Time, students are tasked to curate their own SMART projects focused on Science, Mathematics, Art, Research and Technology. The projects are not dictated by teachers, but rather, students get to choose and embark on a SMART project of their interest which results in them taking action and making change happen.

College Counselling and Career Guidance

Deciding where and what to study for college has a lifelong impact on the child and their future career. The school prioritises college counselling and career guidance by giving students solid and practical advice, serving as a bridge to transit the student from one life stage to another.

Pastoral care

The school's ethos is centred around strong pastoral care within the small and boutique nature of the campus. Families can look forward to a school where rich interactions between the staff and students will form the basis of the curriculum and a personalised approach to nurture students to achieve their fullest potential.

Here’s a glimpse into EtonHouse International School, Orchard.

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