EtonHouse Community Fund


At EtonHouse, we believe in the importance of education and that everyone, regardless of his or her background should have access to good quality education.

In the spirit of giving back to society, we started the EtonHouse Community Fund (ECF) in 2015 as we celebrated the 20th anniversary of the group. The ECF is a Registered Charity approved by the Commissioner of Charities in Singapore. The Fund is committed to help children from underprivileged backgrounds to change their lives through education.

Over the years, the ECF has raised funds for many meaningful causes. The Charity Walk and Fun Fair in 2017 and the Art Auction and Charity Dinner in 2015 are some of the ways in which the EtonHouse community have generously donated to these causes. The ECF has helped to align the efforts of our community of parents, staff and students towards the single minded objective of benefiting children and families who need our support. ECF is approved as an Institute of a Public Character (IPC) under the Charities Act. This is testimony to our commitment to philanthropy and community initiatives that benefit children and youth from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Here are some of the projects that the ECF has supported:

  • Play library and enrichment programme, offering children a risk-free environment to play and learn in.
  • ECDA KidSTART – KidSTART is a programme that provides a system of support for low income and vulnerable children to enable them to have a good start in life. The ECF has pledged $150,000 to ECDA KidSTART. The programme has benefited 143 children so far and will scale to reach out to many more.
  • Through the Punggol North Community Development and Bishan North Community Welfare Fund, families who meet the income criteria get monetary assistance to further their children’s education. The funds are sent directly to the Child Development Account of the beneficiaries. The ECF has donated $150,000 towards this.
  • Scholarships and bursaries to support families in need to provide a good quality early years foundation to their children. The bursary covers expenses such as school fees, uniform fees, trips and excursions.
  • Box of Joy where the whole community comes together every year to donate beautiful gift boxes for children of all ages. The boxes are then distributed by the members of the EtonHouse community to the children, some of whom have never received a gift in their entire lives. So far, this initiative has touched the lives of 2500 children.

See details of all our past and current projects. Click here to read our 2017 report.

Make a difference to a child’s life. If you wish to support our cause in any way, or would like more information, please connect with us.

This page was last edited on August 29, 2018