The EtonHouse Community Fund is committed to ensuring that children irrespective of their status in society have access to a good quality early childhood education. The early years lay the foundation to life. It is the overarching goal of the charity to advocate for early years care and education and make it accessible to those who need it the most so that everyone has a fighting chance to succeed in life.

Here are some stories of the children who have benefited from the EtonHouse Community Fund.

Shivani and Ishani (names have been changed)

Shivani was physically abused by her father and has received Trauma-focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. She has a sibling Ishani, both currently raised by a single mother who is looking for a job. The children are currently at E-Bridge.

Rosita and Ariana (names have been changed)

They come from a single parent family. Their mother finds it difficult to find work as she is completing her WSQ studies and taking care of the children at the same time. With the two children cared for in an E-Bridge school, the mother is now able to seek employment and support her family.

Nisha and Nishant(names have been changed)

This family is facing serious financial problems. The father does not provide for family expenses except for milk and diapers for the children. The mother needs both children to be placed in school for her to seek employment. She is thankful to the school for providing the children a safe and stimulating environment.

Single mother with 3 children below the age of 5

She is currently unemployed and has no financial support from her family members. With both children placed in our school, she is able to seek employment to provide financial stability.

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