Professional Development


A commitment to research and best practice

EtonHouse is one of the very few education groups with a dedicated in-house training and research arm, the EtonHouse Education Centre, with a team of pedagogists who offers ongoing professional development to staff through mentoring/consultancy programmes and professional development.

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Throughout the year, our teachers actively engage in research in innovations around specific educational initiatives and interests, and bring together latest resources and best practice from around the world. These ensure that our curriculum has intellectual and pedagogical integrity.

Within our centres, our teachers meet on a regular basis to support each other professionally and otherwise and discuss classroom strategies in an effort to better the quality of the programme being offered. We also offer opportunities for teachers to interact, learn and share with their peers in other EtonHouse campuses.

“Since joining EtonHouse, I have found we are encouraged as teachers to create a culture of professional learning on a day-to-day basis. We do this through our dialogues with colleagues, our listening to what the children have said and our discussions with parents. By reflecting on our interactions with all of these stakeholders, we further our understanding of the people we work with and the way children learn.”

Mike Carrigan, Assistant Principal and PYP Co-ordinator at EtonHouse International Pre-School, 718 Mountbatten

The EtonHouse Education Centre also regularly organises industry forums and workshops that attract educators form the Asian region and around the globe. In 2013, EtonHouse became a member of the Reggio Children International Network and launched REACH (Reggio Emilia in Asia for children), the first organization to represent Reggio Children in Asia and continues to offer high quality professional development opportunities on a regular basis to further enhance its standards of practice. EtonHouse educators have the opportunity to participate in annual study trips to Reggio Emilia, Northern Italy.


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