Values and Beliefs


We view children in a certain way and have predispositions on what they can and cannot do based on our past experiences, values and beliefs. What about teachers? What is our ‘image of educator’? At EtonHouse, the values that define our teachers also define our practice.
EtonHouse teachers from different campuses across countries brainstormed and identified the ‘Image of Educator’ – Collaborative, Open-minded, Life-Long Learner, Respectful, Passionate – or COLOR with passion!
Watch this short video to learn more about our core values that underpin our practice.


We believe that children are competent individuals and that they are capable
thinkers and communicators. As such, we acknowledge and encourage the
uniqueness, strengths and potential of each child regardless of gender, race,
religion, and ability.

We understand that children learn through play and conversation – we honour
the child’s right to play and acknowledge it as a major contribution to their process
of learning and development.

We believe in the pedagogy of listening and that our educators are facilitators
and researchers. Hence, we focus on seeing children within a social-cultural context
where knowledge is co-constructed as the child interacts with peers, adults and
the physical environment.

The Environment is the 3rd Teacher. We strive to create a flexible environment
which stimulates inquiry, thinking and learning, and a space that enhances
independence, initiative and self-worth.

We respect the uniqueness of each family and its language, culture, customs
and beliefs, and we adopt a supportive role in the education of the child, working
closely in alliance and in partnership with parents.

We acknowledge our accountability to children, parents and the community
at large. Through authentic assessment of learning and teaching, and via detailed
documentation, we aim to make learning and teaching visible.

This page was last edited on May 19, 2017