The EtonHouse Alumni ‘Friends of EtonHouse’ was founded in May 2012, in alignment with our philosophy of a collaborative learning environment and the desire to extend the feeling of community to a life-long connection and sense of belonging for every individual who has been part of EtonHouse, The Alumni brings together former EtonHouse students (pre-school and primary school graduates), parents and staff and therefore is the first alumni of its kind in Singapore.

The primary objectives of the EtonHouse Alumni are as follows:

  • Bring together former EtonHouse parents, students and staff and create opportunities to reconnect, bond, network and engage in meaningful community initiatives
  • Create a platform for the EtonHouse alumni members to make professional connections amongst themselves.
  • Follow ongoing careers of former EtonHouse students
  • Extend the outreach activities of the EtonHouse community through a range of initiatives that reinforce our commitment to our environment and society.

Listen to our Alumni 

This page was last edited on May 8, 2017