Past Projects


SG50 Charity Art Exhibition

In October 2015, children from the EtonHouse Group in Singapore put together an art exhibition titled “Singapore through the eyes of the Child”. An intriguing reflection of their interpretations of Singapore, their artwork showcased Singapore’s unique culture and iconic landscapes. All proceeds raised from an auction of their work went towards the EtonHouse Community Fund.

ECDA KidStart

On 15 July 2016, at the E-Bridge Large Child Care Centre opening ceremony, EtonHouse Community Fund pledged $100,000 to the government initiative – KidStart scheme. Proceeds from the charity carnival held on the same day also went to the Fund.

KidSTART is a programme that provides a system of support for low income and vulnerable children to enable them to have a good start in life. Through KidSTART, identified parents are supported and equipped with parenting knowledge and resources to nurture their children at home. Till date, the EtonHouse Community Fund has helped to set up 3 KidSTART centres and 3 more are in the pipeline to be completed by the end of 2017.

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Punggol North Community Development

EtonHouse donated S$100,000 to the Punggol North Community Development & Welfare Fund. This money is to be used as grants to the Baby Bonus Accounts of children from low income families who meet certain criteria. The scheme has approved 79 applicants so far.

Box of Joy

In December 2016, EtonHouse Community Fund embarked on a charity initiative ‘Box of Joy’ to make a meaningful contribution to children from underprivileged backgrounds. We invited the EtonHouse community to create Boxes of Joy packed with useful items, necessities and educational toys for children of all ages from newborn babies to 13 year olds. With Christmas being a time of giving, it was a meaningful way for children to develop genuine empathy towards others who were not as fortunate – some of the recipients had never received a Christmas gift before. Beneficiaries included Singapore Children’s Society, Henderson-Dawson Citizens’ Consultative Committees’ We Love Learning programme and Fei Yue Community services. More than 1000 children benefited from this initiative.

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